In January 2017 the chapter was suspended by CSUF for one year. During Red & Gold Week held in October 2016 chapter leadership failed to enact required alcohol controls, resulting in underage drinking…a violation of our Risk Management Policy and CSUF policy. A formal Membership Review/Reorganization was conducted by representatives of the National Fraternity  in May resulting in some former leaders being removed from the fraternity and others (now alumni) being placed on probation. Members remaining in the chapter who were found complicit in alcohol violations have been placed on probationary status and cannot hold leadership positions in the chapter.

The chapter, guided by its advisors, is complying with all requirements of the CSUF Sanctions with the goal of completing Sanctions by the end of 2017. In addition, recommendations made by National Office representatives from the Membership Review are being enacted, including membership workshops, increased BOG involvement and stepped up communication with CSUF Fraternity & Sorority Life staff.

The chapter expects to resume accepting new members in Spring 2018